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The past two weeks have been long, rough, and painful. I haven’t had enough sleep and have been feeling unwelcome in my place of residence. I was already emotional, but I didn’t realize how much seeing ‘PostSecret The Show’ would effect me. I submitted three secrets before the performance began, which is big for me. I don’t open up to people often if at all, and it was hard for me to write down the things I have held in my mind. I felt relieved after writing my secrets.

Then the show began, and I lost it. I walked out of the theatre at intermission sobbing. The second half began and I continued to cry. Listening to everything people had submitted and hearing all the heartwarming and tear-jerking stories was such a powerful experience. While I watched the pictures of people holding their secrets on white boards move across the board, I got an idea.

I had something that needed to be said, something I had not told a soul. It was something my mom deserved to hear. After the show, while fighting back tears, I wrote my message to my mother on a white board and held it up for a picture. I had my friend snap a picture of the moment and send it to me. Then I sent my secret to my mom.



She was in tears. She called me crying and told me how much that meant to her and how much she loves me. I was crying as well. My mom told me that even my dad was in tears; my dad doesn’t cry often so I considered this an accomplishment. I continued to tell my mom how much I cried because of PostSecret. Her response was this: “You are a rock most of the time. Sometimes it’s okay to be the river.”

Thank you so much! I am forever changed because of PostSecret.



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