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Dear Frank,

I want to thank you for coming to speak at my school. I’ve suffered with extreme anxiety and depression for all my life and because of that I’d been putting off university for a couple years. I’ve been forcing myself to get ready for it this year knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to follow through, until I found out you were speaking. I’m now attending regular classes. You and your secrets have done more than you could know. 




Dear J-

Thanks for your kind message. I printed it out and pinned it to my wall. I’ve had anxiety and depression (and insomnia) too and it doesn’t get in my way as much as it used to but letters like yours do more than you could know.

I’m like an idiot savant with secrets. I’ve received over a million but feel like I can remember just the right one when I need to. I dug through my archive to find and share this one with you J. Be well.




Classic Secrets

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Hey Frank,

I was going through the Secrets and I was stunned to see mine up there. It was the one about the RA. It was such a hard time that I was going through but I stuck it out. I not only became an RA but now I work in Student Affairs at a university. I am dedicating my life  to working with college students who are going through hard times or who are at risk in one way or another.

I’ll be the most stubborn light in the darkness until they make it through. Thanks for bringing me light when I needed it too



PostSecret Live! Tour




Calgary, Alberta (Sold Out)
Mount Royal University
September 6th


Dayton, Ohio
University of Dayton
September 8th

Ashland, Oregon
Southern Oregon University
September 29th

Mesa, Arizona
Arizona State University Polytechnic
October 5th

Redlands, California
University Redlands
October 13th

San Francisco, California
San Francisco War Memorial Performing Arts Center
October 20th


PostSecret Live! Event – Trailer