Classic Secrets

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Hi Frank,

In the Classic Secrets from May 28, 2016 I was surprised to see two of mine.  Well one, actually.  The moose address and the almost perfect day secret.  I sent that secret to you in 2008 right after I reconnected with a friend from college.  He was just getting out of a relationship where his girlfriend had cheated on him and I had just graduated from school and had no job prospects in sight.  We went out for sushi one night and in the fortune cookie I received the fortune read: “This could be an almost perfect day.  Enjoy it.”  When we walked out of the restaurant there was a gigantic rainbow in the sky and something in those moments just felt different than anything before.

Shortly thereafter I received a job offer and moved away from my friend but we kept up a long distance relationship for a few years.  Eventually, I returned to my home state, moved in with him, and to make a long story short, I’m happy to say we are now happily married (3 years on June 15th!).  

Scrolling through the secrets yesterday as I’ve done every week for the last 9 years,  and seeing that moose staring back at me my heart skipped  a beat.  I look back on that secret and I’m reminded of the road that brought me to where I am today.  The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, and everything in between and I’m grateful for where I am and who I’m with today.  Thanks for re-sharing the classic secrets.  They are too good to be forgotten about.