PostSecret at the Smithsonian


Dear Frank,

I’m writing you to tell you about the “circle of life” effect PostSecret has had on my life.

Starting when I was 16 I would visit PostSecret every week to find solace in the world that other people were struggling with the same issues as me.

At 18, I was in a very dark place in my life, I decided to make 3 secrets, all different ones I’ve feared. After I mailed them to you I watched every week and checked all the books but didn’t see them. I forgot about them too. Three years later I met you at a PostSecret Live! Event and you told me “The World Needs To Hear Your Voice”.


Now, three years later – still obsessed with PostSecret, I found out about your Smithsonian exhibit in Washington at the Postal Museum and had to go. My boyfriend and I ventured in overwhelmed by the 7 – foot high pile of postcards. I was joyfully explaining to him what PostSecret is and how it had helped me. I diligently was reading each postcard one by one when he pointed one out to me and said “that’s one of the most creative ones here”. As I stopped to agree with him – I began to think how familiar the handwriting was – wait a second, it was MY hand writing! All of sudden the night at the kitchen table over 5 years ago when I sat crying and making the postcards came back to me. MY postcard was displayed right there-for the world to see! It all made sense as I stood in shock, you-Frank, had let the world hear my voice.


The most joyful part of it all was reading the postcard was like seeing a friend who had passed away. If you would have explained the circumstances of which I’d see the postcard again to that 18yr old girl [being in love, having an amazing career, well traveled, college educated,etc.] she would have laughed through her sadness as a complete impossibility. But alas, so many amazing things have happened in that time frame and it gave me renewed hope in myself – the bad times WILL pass. I hope the world continues to hear my voice while the postcard is on display, and furthermore I hope it impacts even one person to know that sadness isn’t forever. Happiness is within your grasp.

Thank you Frank-for helping this full circle come to life.





This San Francisco PostSecret Live! event at the Herbst Theatre has sold-out.