PostSecret Live! Events


Dear Frank,

I attended your PostSecret Live! event at Notre Dame earlier this week. I came alone and drove about an hour and am so glad I did. When I sat down another girl walked over to me and asked if I also came by myself. We ended up sitting together and before you started she gave me a stamp.  I’m using the stamp not to send you a secret but a poem called, “Boxes” I wrote in middle school many years ago. I know its not very good but it reminded me of something you said at the event about burying our secrets and carrying them as burdens, or letting them out in the light.

There are two boxes that you can put your secrets into.
In the first box they will be locked away so no one will ever see them,
but it is built of padded steel so no one can hear them rattle inside

and has heavy padlocks so no one can break in,
and you carry it around so no one steals it.

The second box has no lid,
so if you put your secrets inside,
they will fly out and be carried away with the wind.
Then there’s no point in carrying it around
so you can leave the box and all its weight behind.