Sunday Secrets

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At your PostSecret Live! Event I stood up and told my secret of 12 years of physical, mental, and verbal abuse.  What I didn’t say is that my husband was supposed to be at the show with me that night.  I left him just before to protect my daughter.  My best friend came with me that night and didn’t know my secret before I spoke it out loud.

The PostSecret book you signed for me was the only gift my husband gave me in our 12 years of marriage, as an apology for one of the more severe abusive episodes.   It and my Sunday morning visits to postsecret have gotten me through more than you know.  Saying it out loud has freed me from so much pain and guilt.  I just wanted to say thank you.


I just came home from the PostSecret Live! Event in Galesburg. 

It was my first PostSecret event, and it was amazing.  Over the past month, I have had many serious thoughts about hurting myself.  I have become so numb to the way my life has become, thinking about my death is where my mind wanders.  Each and every time the thoughts become deeper and more real.  It scares me that I can have these thoughts…I know I have so much to live for.  But sometimes, I just don’t want to be here to deal with my own pain.

Tonight, you explained how people keep the Suicide Hotline phone number in their phones.  You also explained how people have it listed under the names like Dennis or Kristen.

Tonight, I put that number in my phone just in case my thoughts ever become too real for me to handle.  And I listed it under “Frank”.

Thanks for coming to Galesburg.


I wait to make sure men are watching when I parallel park- because I’m awesome at it!


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