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I. The Island of Capri is where I fell in love with Sarah. I was a photographer, but the only thing I have to remember that weekend are 3 postcards. I couldn’t stand the thought of missing one moment with her looking through a lens.

II. This is where I fell in love with Sarah. Wherever she is now, whoever she is with I pray that she is happy. Loving her saved my life.

III. These were the moments of my life I loved her more than anything, but it was never meant to be. Through the anxiety attacks and suicidal thoughts these moments reassured my life was worth living. I got better help because of her.


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Thanks for Translating These Last Week


The first one uses Tolkien’s Tengwar alphabet (for his Elvish languages) but it’s simple transliteration of English into Tengwar script, not an actual translation. “All I could think when we spoke was how much I still wanted to kiss you.” I can’t make sense of the last word, though: “boi”?



Pink background: After the suicide attempt, I do not know how to go on living.



The third one is in Persian;

من او را دچارم
و از این زجر در قبر مانند بیزار
این درست است که میگویند
“در زندگی زخم هایی است به همانند خوره
به جان میافتدو تماشا میکنند…..

I am afflicted with him/her
And am weary of this torment as if I am confined to a grave
There is a truthful saying:
there are wounds in life that in loneliness chip and eat away your soul like leprosy, and will finish you.



This is a hinomaru yosegaki. A flag given to departing WWII Japanese soldiers signed by friends an family. They were often taken as war trophies. Please. send the flag for free to for translation and to be reunited with the family of the dead.