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—–Facebook Post—–

PostSecret events are always pretty special. Tonight I got to see ‘PostSecret: The Show’ in Connecticut.  We got to submit secret postcards in the lobby and a select few were read allowed during the show. I was surprised when one of the actors starting reading my secret.  I was really surprised when she stopped part way through and started crying. I was really really surprised when after she finished, some woman in the audience yelled out “we love you!”  See? Pretty special.


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—–Facebook Post—–

Last night I got to see ‘PostSecret: The Show’. I brought with me one of my close friends. Afterwards I opened up to her about something I haven’t been able to say out loud in a long time. This is why I lover PostSecret. It helps me to understand, love, and cherish every important relationship I have, including the one I have with myself.



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