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Hey Frank,

What’s the story on the PostSecret International Suicide Prevention Wiki link that’s always at the bottom of the page?


When I started PostSecret, I was a volunteer on Hopeline. In a way, I was listening to people’s secrets all night. So when the PostSecret website started growing in popularity, I knew I wanted to use its reach to do something positive, rather than just sell space on the page to advertisers. With that motivation, and Casie’s story (that you can read below) the PostSecret community came together to create the most complete comprehensive database of suicide prevention hotlines and textlines. This resource has been helping people around the world for years now and is offered free for any app develeloper to use to match people in need with crisis help nearest them. If you are reading this now and were one of the people who helpped create the database – thank you! And if you were one of the PostSecret contributors that helpped us raise more than $1,000,000 for Hopeline thank you too!


Dear Frank,

This past Friday night I found myself in a black hole of depression and I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the night. Not knowing where to turn and feeling like I couldn’t stop. I remembered seeing the Hopeline phone number on PostSecret.

I talked to someone there for 2 and a half hours and I truly feel that they saved my life.

Thank you for the website, thank Hopeline for being there, and thank the people that send in their postcards so that others know they are not alone with their secrets.





Dear Frank,

I wanted to say thank you for posting the email from Casie. I was also hoping you could pass along a message to her, as well. I want to thank her for having the courage to reach out for help and then share it with you and all of your readers, using her real name and even her picture. It’s definitely inspirational.




Every time I see the new secrets on Sunday, I scroll down to see Casie. For me (a mental health counselor) she balances out the bleak postcards and reminds me that people CAN come back from the brink of suicide. She is truly an angel; I can’t imagine how many people’s lives her story has saved over this past year. 😀


5 Ways Volunteering For A Crisis-Line Can Change Your Life





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