Sunday Secrets


Hi Frank,

This was my secret (attached), and I wrote the accompanying letter that said I’d tell my friend about it if it got published. When I saw my postcard on Post Secret last Sunday, I was still very afraid to tell her, but part of me was kind of excited – excited that you actually received the postcard, and excited because there was no going back (a promise is a promise).

On Wednesday, my friend and I had dinner, and I showed her the postcard I sent you. Her response was very touching, and she reassured me that I could talk to her if I ever had thoughts about death/suicide again. I haven’t told her the full story yet, but it’s a start, and it feels amazing to know she will help me through anything.

In my darkest days last year, only one other person knew what I was going through, and that’s because they were part of the problem. Although I knew that I needed help, I didn’t want to call a helpline because I felt I’d be wasting their time. I didn’t want to tell anyone I knew because I didn’t want them to be upset/worried, and I was afraid no one could/would really help anyway. I also thought people would distance themselves from me if they knew the thoughts I was having.

But the friend I told last week – the one who made me stop feeling worthless and unloved without realising I was feeling that way – was so understanding. I probably could’ve saved myself a lot of pain if I’d just told her last year.

I really hope anyone going through something similar can find the courage to talk to someone. As much as I think my friend is one of a kind, I’m sure there must be more people like her out there – compassionate, caring people with big hearts.

This experience has been very encouraging and heartening. Thank-you for creating Post Secret.

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