From My Email

—Dear Frank—

I’ve been in therapy many times, always the same stumbling blocks, but this time feels different.

I’m ready to deal with the abuse and neglect. My new therapist told me that all that happened really had nothing to do with me. I’ve been walking around repeating these words to myself. I’ve always been so ashamed of my family’s behaviour towards me… all if a sudden, I finally feel equal to others and confident. Their behaviour had nothing to do with me.  I hope this keeps getting better.   I want multiple happy and fulfilling relationships its just that no one has ever taught me how to do that or shown me what that looks like.

I really hope I get there.

I made myself a sign and then wanted to post it to social media… it’s too personal for that. And I don’t feel like sharing with people who can ask me follow up questions about this at the moment.

Oh Gosh let my life finally start to take the shape that I want and need.


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