PostSecret Live! will return

Virtual PostSecret events are happening now. Live events coming soon.
This message had been anonymously slipped under my hotel room door. I saw it when I return to my room after speaking and signing books.
Yes, I was asked by Kathy to super-size my old mailbox.

I’m sure you don’t remember this but you visited my university a few years back and while you were there signing books I told you a story. I wanted to share this with you again because it’s still one of my favorite life moments.

My younger sister had just graduated high school and I had just returned from a term with Americas. Before this my sister and I were inseparable. When I got back she was very distant and sunk into a deep depression. She had become isolated and barely spoke to my family and I. Your app had just launched and I made it a habit to check the app daily. One day I saw a secret that said, “I’m scared my sister won’t accept me for who I am.” And for some reason it just stuck with me. For some reason, that post made me feel inclined to post my own secret. It said something like, “My sister is not the same. If only she knew how much I miss her and the way things used to be. I’m always here for her no matter what”.

A few weeks later she and I were stuck at home alone and I decided to strike up a convo by talking about the PS app. While explaining it, I pull up the post that had caught my eye. As I’m reading it and turn my phone screen toward her, she just bursts out crying. It was her post.

She then pulled out her favorite PS screenshots and MY post was one of them. She had been struggling to come out to our family and was scared I wouldn’t support her. Fast forward to today and she is openly out to my family and we’ve been closer than ever. We unfortunately lost the secrets because we’ve switch phones so many times, but we talk about it often.

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