Sunday Secrets

Hi Frank-
This is my secret. Two years ago to this very day (11/27/2020) my boyfriend told me he loved me for the first time. It’s still lasting.

Dear Frank, 

I write to you with incredible news. Last month, I brought home my new service dog, Tango. This was made possible by this Sunday Secret Post.

That post led to nearly $10,000 of donations within 2 weeks! I send all my love to you and to every single person from the PostSecret community and beyond who contributed, as well as those who weren’t able to contribute but still saw the post and hoped on my behalf. You all have made something amazing happen for this 25-year-old woman who is now so excited for the life of independence, freedom, and trust Tango and I are building together.

Thank you for hearing me and helping me that chilly day in Connecticut several years ago, Frank. The secret I shared in that auditorium was one of despair, believing I would never be able to partner with a service dog of my own. I am so grateful to be able to look back on that day and smile because I just didn’t know yet what good fortune was coming my way.

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Active Minds – Promoting Student Mental Wellness

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