I wanted to share something with you Frank, In May 2010, there was a secret posted that always stuck with me. The secret said “J’ai si peur” which translates to, “I am so afraid.” It wasn’t so much the directly the secret itself, but a reply that came to the secret. “Moi aussi. Vous n’êtes pas seul” Which translates to, “Me too. You are not alone” It came right at a time I needed it, and it changed the course of my life. I decided to not be afraid. Over 6 years later and I’ve done more than I thought possible. However, since the beginning of November everything I’ve worked for feels like it is unraveling. I decided I needed that reminder again. The reminder that I am not alone, so I got “pas seul” tattooed where you check for your pulse. As long as my heart is beating I am not alone – there are others who can help me. Thank you for what you do. When I think of the lives you’ve connected, and the lives you’ve saved, it fills me with hope and determination. So thank you, thank you.