New PostSecret Book



Dear Frank,

I’ve spent today and most of last night in shock and crying. I’m the girl in the picture.


The boy is my childhood best friend, first true love and the only person who has known all my secrets and refused to stop loving me. We used to read PostSecret together all the time. He passed away very recently and I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye properly as I moved 4,000 miles away. 

That post card is his secret…. I never knew he sent one in and I’m wishing now more than ever I had made it back home to see him one last time. I wish I could tell him I am happy. And I’m sorry. And that I have never forgotten him and never will.

Thanks Frank.


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“Best Coffee Table Books for 2014″ –The Associated Press
“Best Nonfiction Books for 2014″ –The Star Tribune
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