“Naked Mail”, Secrets, & Emails

Dear PostSecret-
When I bought my first vibrator I was so embarrassed that when the sales person asked if I wanted to purchase batteries as well. I told her no, that I thought “she can buy her own damn batteries.”

Two weeks ago I was placed in a psych ward for attempting to take my own life. I was sitting alone until another boy came up to me and simply said, “You’re not the most fucked up person anymore”. Everyone was just like me, dealing with some kind of issue. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel like I was the only one dealing with these things. I felt normal. Thanks for the secret.


Last week my roommate and best friend saved my life. I don’t even think she knows this. Maybe it’s better if she doesn’t. It’s funny. When you think of someone saving a life, you think of them doing some great heroic act. When really, sometimes it’s just being there for someone, so they don’t do something incredibly tragic.

Dear PostSecret,
I Ieft my boyfriend of a year and a half because of the postcard that read, “His temper is so scary, I’ve lost all of my opinions.” It hadn’t even occurred to me what was happening and it took a total stranger writing it down to make me realize what the hell was going on in my own life.

Dear PostSecret
A friend from college told a bunch of us how once, he and some friends had dropped acid and then went to Disneyland. They started “coming up” just after they went through the gates. As they went further into the park, the person in the Goofy costume bounded up to them. Our friend felt freaked out, so he leaned in and confided, “Please, Goofy, not now – we’re tripping, Goofy,” …and Goofy leaned in and whispered back, “Guess what – me too,” and bounded off.

I learned to read braille because my best friend from elementary school was blind. After many years, I strayed from away from him to other more popular friends, and I’ve never seen him since. When I realized the horror I did, I taught myself braille so maybe, when we’d finally magically meet again, he’d be so proud of me and forgive me for what Idid when we were children. He died before I could, and I regret it so much.

My secret reads, “I’m ashamed of the damage I’ve done.”

Once in a while, I secretly put flavored condoms in the carts of senior citizens, and wait to see if they find them before getting to the checkout line. Occasionly they don’t and the cashier’s facial expressions are priceless.

I occasionally toss pregancy tests into the carts of mothers with teenage daughters. Wal-Mart is an endless source of amusement!

Dear PostSecret-

My boyfriend and I knew we had to do somethingh important or else our relationship would fall apart. So we took markers and wrote our deepest secrets on each other;s backs. I never read his secrets, and he never read mine, but the perilousness of such close contact between us and the other’s demons was what we needed to save our relationship.

There are no words, in any language verbal or pictorial, that could ever describe how much I wish this postcard were for me. Today is my last visit to your site, never again. It hurts too much, seeing postcards like the one I need, knowing it will never come.