Sunday Secrets


Dear Frank,

11 or 12 years ago I cut out a picture of a little girl, gave her a ‘voice’ and sent it into postsecret. The image has layers of meaning for me and I was thrilled when you posted it to your site. I never shared the image with anyone.

Last week, I was responding to a friend from college on Twitter – someone I haven’t spoken to in probably 15 years. I went to her twitter profile page and there was my secret — the image of that little girl was her profile banner. I, of course, recognized it immediately and it kind of took my breath away. I hadn’t thought about that postcard in years and I was amazed and confused.

I reached out to her privately and asked if there was a story behind her banner image. She said she didn’t know where she’d found the image, but that it resonated with her — ‘a little girl with dark hair having a big voice. I think one of my lessons in this life is being brave enough to use my voice and so I liked the picture.’

I told her the story of postsecret and we both just marveled at the whole mysterious connection. We agreed the moment was a sacred nudge – empowering and moving. Thank you for what you do. I’ve always known there was a healing magic to your work and I wanted to share the story of my secret – all these years later.

All the best, K

Sunday Secrets

—on backside—
Even though we live a very short distance from each other, it is rare when my son visits me. I feel the closest to seeing him when he asks me to take care of his cat.

A short video of a Canadian PostSecret Live! event from ten years ago. Two minutes in, I ask my wife, on my flip-phone, if she’s mailed in a secret – see what she says. . . That’s her stacking secrets on the projection screen.