“I’m no longer scared that she knows all my secrets.”

Dear Frank-

My wife found my PostSecret that you put up this Sunday and I was a little scared. She cried and told me it was the sweetest thing she has ever been a part of.

I sent it before we got married.

The young woman I speak of on the cards and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary last October and have an amazing 4 year old that completes our beautiful family.

PS. I’m no longer scared that she knows all my secrets.

PostSecret Art Exhibit

PostSecret postcards have been mailed from around the globe. Now, many of them are circulating back out into the world into museums, colleges, and galleries. In the past, they have been displayed at the White House, Smithsonian Museums, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Now you can see them at the institutions below. Contact Jan Warren <jan.warren1@gmail.com> for more information on how to invite the secrets to your museum, college or university.


Museum of Man, San Diego


National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


American Visionary Art Museum


Pauly Friedman Art Gallery