Sunday Secrets

Everytime I go to Asheville, NC, I get cheated on.
Fuck that place.
[on back]
I’ve finally found someone to tell ALL my secrets to!
(You will too – keep looking!!)
[on back]

Hi Frank,

I just wanted to reach out because this is my secret from when I was 19, in 2012. 

At the time of writing this secret, I was still pretty sure I was never going to make it to actually graduate college.  I was so suicidal and hopeless trying to live in this world as a neurodivergent in disguise, I never thought I would even reach my 20s; this Friday is my 30th birthday. 

I have never really been much of a birthday person, but this year I’m celebrating for 19 year old Molly who never thought this day would come. I’m celebrating that I’m still here.

I guess I just wanted to let you know that one of your secrets has a happy middle here.

Thank you for everything you do – the impacts that have rippled out are absolutely immeasurable. You’ve given this world the rarest and most beautiful gift of solidarity. 

All my best and here to stay,


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