A Challenging Time For Students


This week I am scheduling the PostSecret Live! virtual tour. Over the next six to eight weeks I will be speaking remotely on college campuses around the world revealing the transformative power of our secrets and showing pandemic secrets from young people.

This interactive presentation will reveal the struggles students are experiencing in their own words, but also the successes they are discovering and the strategies they are finding to thrive during this challenging but temporary crisis.

If you are a student leader, college counselor, or activities programmer learn more about bringing PostSecret to your school virtually as part of your mental wellness programing.

Pandemic Secrets: Struggles, Successes and Strategies.

Sunday Secrets

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Hi Frank, 

As was scrolling through the Sunday secrets I got down to the last new secret and I froze. It was mine.

The first time I started going to therapy was in college. My therapist would always say “everything is already okay.” During my time in therapy with her, I never believed this. How can everything be okay when people like me are struggling so much. It wasn’t until after I graduated from college and started seeing another therapist that I started to believe what she had always told me. 

I had finally started to see the progress that I was making. It took me a while to realize that no matter how awkward or pathetic I felt, or how much of a loser, failure, or embarrassment I thought I was, I’m not. I’m doing the best I can and everything is already okay. 

Seeing my secret was the reminder that I needed to see. So thank you. 


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