Sunday Secrets

This week facebook removed this secret.

This month Instagram removed this postcard.

And recently I received the following message.

Have you had similar experiences on facebook? There are over 2 million PostSecret fans on twitter, instagram, and facebook. Maybe it’s time for PostSecret to find a new chat platform that provides more safety and allows for more bravery. WordPress is designing a prototype forum we can experiment with and we are also exploring possibilities on discord. I am excited to share more news with you soon. I hope you will continue to support PostSecret.

More Mystery Secrets

Some secrets arrive as evocative mysteries. The two postcards below arrived recently. When I posted them on the facebook PostSecret page and asked for your help, you came through with hundreds of creative and poignant responses.

A secret mystery box arrive today! After the comments below, I posted two pictures: boxed and unboxed. Share your thoughts of what you imagine the meaning to be here or on the PostSecret facebook page (where the image has more resolution). As always, all theories are welcome.

My guess is the woman/man(?) on the phone are recalling the number of previous sexual partners.

I’m sure you already got the one on the left already. “I want a hug from Echo” Echo is a character from Star Wars. He’s a sad and kind of broken guy. He could probably use a good hug.

I love when you post mystery cards and avidly read the comments!

She’s called him 63 times. He’s called her 3 times.

I think she doesn’t want to pick up because he talks her ear off and only lets her get 3 words in lol.

I think the second may be she has listened for 62 minutes and only spoken for 3 minutes. May be that is why on the bottom it states he wanders why I don’t often pick up.

All women didn’t need to translate the right one… they already knew.

“I love you” is 3 words.

My guess would be that he is 62 years old, but sounds/argues/communicates/throws temper tantrums like a 3 year old (or child)

I think maybe the second one is the woman who takes care of her mother (62 years old) and also takes care of her child or grandchild (3 years old) and this is why there’s no time or energy to “pick up”

Reminds me of this poem by Jeffrey McDaniel:

62 lies 3 truths.

Uh country codes? They live in different timezones perhaps

I have no idea…. but it hurts my heart.

nice comment. Can we be friends? I’d like that

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