PostSecret Community Wedding (PSC GoFundMe Campaign)

Over 100,000 of you have joined the PostSecret Community and shared more than 4 million messages, secrets, and stories since 2006 in this online chat. Here’s one from last month.

(Congratulations! What a happy story about the tranformative power of secrets.)

HarperCollins generously funded the PSC for more than a decade, but that support is ending next month. I have heard from many of you who want to keep the PSC alive – so with your help and GoFundMe – there is hope that it can last another ten five years. Our funds will go toward server fees, a redsign, limited technical support, email software, and a small gofundme fee. (We will be preserving the full archive.) We are off to a strong start and I am hoping for a winning finish. Please go to GoFundMe now and contribute whatever you can. If you have a PSC story you can leave it in the comments there.



What a beautiful community!
I woke up this morning at 6:00AM and saw that we had already exceeded our goal by more than $400. I have stopped the campaign but am now asking you how we can spend that extra $410 creatively and kindly. Please share your ideas with me on twitter or facebook. Thank You!

PostSecret: The Show

During the US & Canadian tour of “PostSecret: The Show” we invited audience members to write down their secrets on postcards. Many of these were shared back anonymously from the stage. Some secrets were left behind on post-it notes on mirrors in the restrooms. We collected them all at each city and carefully archived them. Thousands. Thank you.