PostSecret Live! (In-Person and Remote)

This week I am traveling to Oklahoma for PostSecret Live! Next week I will be sharing the transformative power of secrets remotely at Penn State.

Whether live on stage or via zoom, PostSecret Live! is an interactive presentation sharing the shocking, surprising and soulful stories behind the 1,000,000+ artful secrets mailed on postcards. We will be exploring the struggles, successes & strategies of ‘pandemic secrets.’

Use this link to learn how to bring PostSecret to your campus for a community-building celebration of our story.

Tomorrow’s ‘PostSecret Saturday Night Zoom’ has sold out. But tickets are on sale now for next weeks. Join us Sept. 26th as we select the Sunday Secrets. Our special guest will be the curator of the Museum of Broken Relationships! All proceeds for the night go to Suicide Prevention. Win $100 (with strings attached) Tickets

PostSecret Books

My ex fiancé, who was the first true love of my life really, used to roll his inside out European style joints on the cover, which is why it actually looks like that.

In my current relationship, this book has truly served purpose on the identically set up coffee table 15 years and running, when my favorite secret of all time suddenly had meaning — “I would give anything for an opportunity to show even the smallest kindness to my ex wife”. The book itself is a work of art by now, 15 years later on this coffee table, with so many secrets of its own.