PostSecret Exhibit Comes To San Diego

Today the PostSecret exhibit is being shipped (not mailed) from Washington, DC. to San Deigo, CA. Visit the Museum of Man Webpage to learn all the details and sign-up for updates.

The all new exhibition is being designed and built to showcase different secrets, including, “San Diego Secrets” that the PostSecret street team and I are collecting now. Join us at the museum plaza Saturday, January 27th at 2:00. The team and I will have a shirt, book and a ton of blank postcards to give away. Get your secret in the museum.

Join the Facebook San Diego Secrets Page to learn more.

Classic Secrets

Why are the Sunday Secrets always posted and dated on Saturdays?

I used to post the secrets on Sundays during the day, but then my inbox began to fill with messages in the morning asking if I had forgotten to get the secrets up. So I started posting Sunday mornings. But then I heard from people who were staying up late Saturday nights to check for the secrets around 1:00 AM. Once I heard that and saw from the counter at the bottom of the Blog that people were refreshing for updates after midnight, I decided the best solution would be to post the Sunday Secrets at a time when it would be impossible to be late – Saturday nights.