Classic Secrets

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this past Friday night I found myself in a black hole of depression and I didn’t know how I was going to make it though the night. Not knowing where to turn and feeling like I couldn’t stop. I remembered seeing HopeLine (1-800-442-HOPE) in the front of your book.

I talked with someone there for 2 and a half hours and I truly feel that they saved my life thank you for the book, thank Hope line  for being there when they were, and thank the people that send in their postcards so that others know they are not alone with their secrets





Depression has a lot of faces, most of them really sad and hard to look at. I love seeing Casie’s face because it is a bright light in the midst of all the darkness. Her story has helped so many people, including me, and I can’t imagine anything better than her continuing to help people through Hopeline. I started to tear up seeing her in the Hopeline car!