Sunday Secrets

PostSecret Proposal

Subject: **proposal** secret

Hi Frank, 
Three years ago I met the most amazing, sweet, generous and kind souled girl. She is actual sunshine.

She had sent you a secret a couple years earlier about how she was worried that real love wouldn’t stack up.

She makes sure that every week, without fail, we sit down together – or even over the phone, to read PostSecret together.
Could you please post my secret?


Thanks for including us in your surprise proposal Dave. I hope we can create a memorable story for you. 
I’ll post your “Can’t wait to ask” secret as the very last one on Valentine’s Day.
Good Luck!


Hey Frank!
She didn’t hesitate at all!! It was a big yes!!!!!


Brilliant story Dave, well done!
I think that video will be an heirloom passed down for generations.
I don’t plan on hearing from you ever again because you appear to have found the person you can share all of your secrets with. 

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